Mobile Marketing The Next Big Thing !



Mobile marketing is the next new thing and it is getting big and will continue to grow bigger.Developing a mobile SEO strategy will give your company a competitive edge. Recent studies suggest that nearly 74 % people use a search engine to buy things online and that 83 percent of mobile users make the purchase within that day. Not only that the majority of people use mobile to view and update status on social networking sites .I think it’s totally gonna bring about a revolutionary change in the field of business and marketing. The rise of smartphones has contributed a lot to this emerging interest in mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing is definitely different from the basic internet marketing. And we need a completely different strategy to succeed. The existence of strong mobile content to attract users is still rare and that leads to new doors being opened for a lot of speculation and experiments about the right way of doing mobile marketing. Here are some essential strategies that you can use to ensure that mobile marketing is done the right way. And I need to beg for your attention because this is a long one guys but I promise you one thing you will emerge from this one “enlightened”.

User experience is the first thing you need to focus on.

User experience which is all about your mobile user interface is the important parameter when we consider to develop a mobile marketing strategy in 2014.If the user interface is simple, flexible and attractive enough then it can engage a lot of visitors, which will be good for the rankings too. And this in return will give rise to the possibility of more sales conversions. When Google itself is making a decisive step to improve mobile user experience, then it becomes paramount for businesses to align themselves with this goal and plan their mobile marketing strategy accordingly.

You also need to consider the time factor.

The time parameter is crucial in mobile searching than its desktop counterparts. When you try to observe the comparison between Desktop (and even tablets) and mobile you will notice that casual search is conducted in desktop computers because  people have some time and the liberty to view results carefullybut mobile searches occur spontaneously and can be done randomly even  in the middle of people’s conversations. And that’s why they need exceptionally quick responses. For best results you need to provide instant response and good search functionality on your website, and you will also need to work on performance issues. Less than one second load time is the ideal response. Page load speeds can have a great effect on user-experience and that’s why needs to be considered.

Different strategies are needed for different types of websites.

Mobile Optimization depends on the type of website you have and upon the target audience demographics interested in it. Options available for such type of optimization are given below.

  • Responsive websites In this type the content of the website automatically moves into a mobile format interface when it is accessed by a mobile device. This is an efficient practice with less probability of errors and is the easiest way to build your website using responsive design on the fly. But having a complex website which has a lot of content and detailed menus can complicate things. You will need to build your website again using responsive design, and sometimes responsive design doesn’t necessarily convert well into mobile formats.
  • Dynamic websites identify whether the website is being accessed from a mobile device or a computer, then it responds with the appropriate code depending on the device used. The URL is same in either version which is good. Mobile sites have to be functional and they must provide a good user experience. Although it is efficient, it can be a little tedious and expensive approach.
  • Alternate mobile sites use both independent coding and URLs. If you have to offer some unique mobile features, then it seems a sound idea to do it this way.But sometimes it can be done because of some developmental reasons where you need two different sites altogether.


 Web design aspect of your website needs to be optimized for mobile devices.

Utility and layout of a website have a deep impact on the site’s ability to engage potential users and convert them, especially mobile users who have a smaller interface. You need to provide the content in an interesting and digestible form. Big buttons, simple action commands and more flexibility will make the ultimate difference you need to capture the attention of your clients. The debate on which is the best design option is still ongoing between responsive and dedicated mobile site. But there are pros and cons to both types, and the answer depends on the terms of usability and design you want to provide to your customers. In my opinion usability always trumps design, and unnecessary design should be eliminated in consideration of a flexible user interface. Extensive design can make your site appear cluttered and complicated on mobile devices and this can also slow down the page load speed. So design smartly and consider all the factors for an effective optimization.

Consider conversational & Voice Search because they are necessary.

The Hummingbird update gives a lot of room to voice and natural language searches.People use different type of search queries on their mobile devices than they do on computers normally. And they also sometimes use different search methods. So when people do voice searches, they usually search their query in the form of a question, so voice search queries can be longer than an average search.Jump up on this tip and try to include geographic indicators in your content (gives localization). And also create more content that answers FAQ that you can expect your customers to ask.

Now we know these elements can lead to success of mobile marketing in 2014. But we should consider mobile marketing as an intricate part of digital marketing because getting exposure and traffic is what we are here for. The more sources there are the better and therefore we should try every approach there is. Consumers use various source of devices to find the products and services that interest them. A marketing strategy that gives consumers the opportunity to find your products or services and provide a great user-experience regardless of source will be the most effective marketing strategy in 2014.

Sam Fischer is a Marketing Executive who also specializes in Social media marketing. He likes to write about marketing strategies and the marketing world.He lives in Austin,Texas. And he has a passion for music and new things that doesn’t bore him.

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